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Are You an Illegal Alien? Go Work at a Carwash

There are Illegal alien issues in United States of America with over 24 million illegal immigrants in our nation at this time and the number of the legal aliens coming into the country is about one million per year. But where will all these illegal aliens work, as they must find jobs.

If you are an illegal alien or any legal immigrant and you cannot find a job there are over 49,000 carwashes in the United States of America and many of them will hire you. In trade for hiring you they will exploit your labor pay you very little money and therefore make serious and obscene profits in their businesses because you’re willing to work so cheap like a dog.

Isn’t it great you came to America to get a good job so you could send money back home at a rate of 15 billion every single quarter to Mexico. Washing cars is find 2in1 carwash it is not much work and there are a lot of cars to watch and almost unlimited carwashes who will hire you even though it is against the law.

As an illegal alien you should be thankful that local residents will not turn in their local carwashes that hire illegal aliens like you because they are glad to get a good deal on a carwash even though the carwash owner is breaking the law.

Without these great businessmen who own carwashes hiring illegal aliens, heck you just would not be needed anymore and you probably would’ve stayed home. Consider this in 2006.

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