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BLOG Power Washing – Degreasing Underground Parkades

The usual wear and tear that buildings face is multiplied in a parkade. The exterior of the structure is obviously at the mercy of nature with wind and rain kicking up mud and grime on the outside surfaces of the building; meanwhile, the inside of a parkade experience extensive traffic bringing dirt, grime, and grease with it. Unfortunately, keeping a parkade clean can be an incredibly difficult and time consuming task which is why many parkade owners and operators choose professional power washing services for cleaning and degreasing parkades.

One of the most difficult cleaning tasks with regards to parkades is related to grease stains that are so often caused by vehicles with oil leaks. Simply hosing the area and even scrubbing with soap and water can fail to remove grease stains entirely. Professional industrial cleaners will generally rely on power washing equipment that blasts parkade services with either hot or cold water from 2,000 psi up to 6,000 psi. The benefit of hiring expert power washers is that they will often use a range of machines that are ideally suited to various cleaning situations. They can not only clean the walls and exterior surfaces of your parkade, but they will also thoroughly clean dust and debris from walls and pipes, stair wells, air-circulation and ventilation units, and even tire tracks and grease stains from the parkade floor.

Some of the most common benefits ofΒ Power washingΒ for degrease parkades include ease of cleaning, time savings, and even environmental benefits. Given the proper equipment, which all professionals will provide, power washing can be the most thorough and powerful cleaning option available. By blasting water at surfaces debris and stains can easily be lifted leaving a like-new finish. Moreover, power washing isn’t nearly as time consuming as traditional means of washing so that even if you are hiring professionals you will save money. Still, most importantly, this is easily one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods available. In most cases, even the oldest, greasiest parkade can be completely cleaned just with water and a power washer. Fewer chemical cleaners are obviously much better when it comes to your impact on the environment.

As you can clearly see, power washing is an excellent option when it comes to revitalizing underground and even above ground parkades. With the proper equipment, you can restore your parkade to its original condition and without the need for harsh chemical cleaners. If you are considering alternatives for cleaning your industrial, commercial, or even residential property, there are many local power washing companies that will offer competitive rates on cleaning services. There are few cleaning methods as effective or efficient as power washing.

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