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Business In Denver Colorado – FVESCO Video Equipment Rental Service

When you run a business things pop up constantly where you have to basically jump up and rise to the occasion. Business is funny that way, and when you’re the person in charge, you’re the one who’s got to be the jumper – because basically nothing usually gets done unless you do it.

One of the things that often come up for companies who handle a lot of different customers and media are events such as presentations and seminars. When you do put on an event such as this your reputation as a business and a business leader is on the line. Basically your name is on everything that happens good or bad. You hope for, and try to prepare for the best.

The way to prepare for such an event like a presentation or live seminar is to have the very best in equipment that’s available. But how do you get that equipment? It’s really not feasible if you don’t do many of these presentations to go out and buy all of the equipment necessary. What you need in such a situation is a projector so that the people at the event can see what it is that you’re talking about, whether it’s through a Power Point presentation, and often times a video camera as well.

If you’re savvy you’ll want to video tape your SoftPlay Bounce House events so that you can use this video time after time. It can be used perhaps to train employees or distributors for instance – selling it to customers depending on the subject matter – or even giving it away as a free gift in order to collect leads from prospects. It’s always good to video tape all of your events. It gives the residual effect of doing something once and getting paid, whether monetarily or with other such benefits, again and again.

Recently I was in this very situation where my company was giving a presentation and we needed to find a video camera as well as a teleprompter for the speakers. Fortunately for us we happened to find that one of the premier companies for renting exactly this sort of equipment wasn’t too far away from us at all. Right in Denver is The Film/Video Equipment Service Co. (appropriately named).

We were fortunate to have found a company with over 30 years of experience in this business. In fact, as stated on their website at, they are well known as being the largest Rental/Sales/Service facility between the two coasts. That’s quite the achievement but it really isn’t hard to see why once you’ve used their service.

First of all their staff is very helpful in helping figure out exactly what you need to rent from them. They’re not just out to make a buck of the schmuck on the street who doesn’t know anything about this type of equipment. In fact wonderful people at the company actually realize that they work in a very technical world, where the average person doesn’t really know all the ins and outs. They know this and instead of taking advantage of people they actually help people save wasted money that they may have spent elsewhere with a less honest staff. That’s definitely how they’ve come to be the premier film and video equipment rental service, by treating their customers as a precious asset. They actually will help you put together the perfectly matched rental package for your needs, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg for this.

This isn’t hard for them either since they do have the most extensive specialized inventories of film, video, audio, camera support, lighting, and grip equipment in the nation. This is a huge plus for the customer because all too often when you try to rent equipment from an establishment, no matter what the supply that you’re looking for actually; the place is out of stock. This is because of a limited inventory. This is not a problem for The Film/Video experts, and most likely the equipment that you need is going to be available immediately.

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