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Comparing Hydroponics Nutrients With Traditional Fertilizers

Yes, there is a difference in the fertilizers used in soil farming and soilless farming.

Hydroponics has become very popular over the past 20 years, and for a number of good reasons. This process helps solve the following problems we experience when growing our food, herbs and flowers.

Β· Land used for commercial farming has become depleted of nutrients due to over farming

Β· Living in an area with no available land/soil to use for growing

Β· Use of pesticides due to pesky bugs

Β· Unhealthy plants with a small disappointing harvest due to poor soil quality

The major difference you will find with soil fertilizers and hydroponics nutrients is that the hydroponics solution contains the micro-nutrients, (also known as trace elements) that are vital for the plants health, and traditional fertilizers do not. Hydroponics solutions have fewer impurities making it more stable and easily absorbed by the plant. These micro-nutrients are calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Without these vital nutrients the plant becomes vulnerable to disease, fungus, pests and bacteria.

With soil farming the soil often becomes depleted of these nutrients due to over farming or just simply because of poor soil quality. Fertilizers for soil simply do not have these micro-nutrient elements because of the different natures of the two systems, i.e. hydroponics gardening and soil gardening.

The PH levels of the nutrients and soil is vital for plant health as well. If the PH varies it causes conditions where the plant is unable to absorb the nutrients it needs to maintain good health. With hydroponics, the PH levels are more easily tested and maintained in the water solution.

Because no soil is required with hydroponics, apartment dwellers are happy to know they can now grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Indoor growing is much easier and you can produce many more plants in a much smaller space with the vertical system, which is very popular with hydroponics growers.

Growing your plants in a soilless environment, known as hydroponics farming hydroponic farming, provides them with stress-free living. When they are cultivated with sufficient air, light and water, with proper nutrients, this system keeps the plant healthy and productive; free of pests with a more plentiful harvest. Because of the controlled, sterile environment they are nurtured in, your plant will not need to fight against pests, disease, fungus and bacteria that soil farmers are forced to contend with; as a result, you will have a happier plant. Just as proper nutrients help you and I maintain good health and fight disease, likewise, proper nutrients for plants result in the same outcome.

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