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Flat Head Prevention: Tips for a Happy Baby’s Head

Preventing Flat Head Syndrome, also known as positional plagiocephaly, is essential for your baby’s head development. Here are some tips to ensure a happy and well-shaped head for your little one:

1. Tummy Time: Encourage supervised tummy time when your baby is awake. This practice reduces pressure on the back of the head, strengthens neck muscles, and supports normal head shape development.

2. Repositioning: Gently adjust your baby’s head position during sleep and playtime. Avoid having them consistently face one direction while resting to vary pressure points on their skull.

3. Change Sleep Positions: Alternate the direction in which your baby sleeps in their crib. This prevents constant pressure on the same area of the head.

4. Babywearing: Using a baby carrier or wrap allows you to hold infant flat head your baby in different positions, minimizing prolonged pressure on one part of their head.

5. Roll Towels: You can place rolled-up receiving blankets or small towels on the side of the flat spot to help reposition your baby’s head during sleep

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