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Sauna Buyer’s Guide and Answer to All FAQ’s About Sauna

Purchasing a Sauna In these modern times of the internet, our options when it comes to buying a sauna are endless. So, the question is which sauna should you choose and why? If you are a first time buyer, the answer to this question can at times be overwhelming. With literally dozens of sauna manufacturers and hundreds of dealers, all of them giving you different answers to what seem to be the same questions, where do you start? Regardless whether this is your first time or you have purchased a sauna in the past, Gaia Saunas has put together a concise, unbiased buyer’s guide to assist you in your decision-making process. When you decide to purchase a Gaia Sauna or one from our competitors, you will know that your decision is an educated one that you can feel confident will benefit you and your family for years to come. Let’s start our journey together:

Start With These Six Topics

* A Question Of Sauna Size-

When choosing a sauna size there a few things that you should take into consideration.

First, go to our PRODUCTS page and look at each of GAIA’s luxury portable home saunas. You will notice the specifications on the left, which will give you an accurate idea of the saunas measurements (remember all sizes are rounded up to the nearest inch). When looking at the specifications, please take into consideration the following:

-Measurements: All measurements are in inches and infraredsauna will provide accurate measurements for you to use in your designs (remember all sizes are rounded up to the nearest inch).

-Electricity: Make sure to check with a certified electrician if you are not comfortable with electrical specifications. However, most of Gaia’s saunas run on a 15amp 110volt circuit that is standard to most homes in the United States. Only the G4 will require an outlet change upgrade to a 20amp 120volt outlet, which can be purchased at most hardware or home and garden outlets.

The final calculation you should make when determining the size of your sauna, is to try to calculate how many people might be using it, how many times per week and where you want to place it. This will help you get an idea of the monthly costs, maintenance and preparation you will need. Feel free to contact our customer service representatives to ask any questions or answer any concerns you might have. They can be reached at 1.888.695.1777.

* Infrared Saunas vs. Finnish Saunas

This topic and page is one of the most viewed on our website. Most people have owned or experienced one or the other but only a few people have had the opportunity to experience both.

Infrared saunas have not been on the market as long as traditional saunas, so most people are not as familiar with Infrared as they are with traditional saunas. We would like to take this opportunity to lend understanding to this long-misunderstood subject.

A (hot rock) or traditional Finnish sauna does not heat the body. The heating element heats only the air that surrounds it, which in turn results in an extremely hot environment, with air temperatures reaching as high as 180F to 220F. The user must splash water on the heating element in order to adjust the humidity to protect the body’s (lungs, skin, eyes, etc.) mucous membranes.

An infrared sauna heats the body directly with infrared heat instead of the surrounding air, resulting in a much lower ambient temperature of typically 100F to 130F. Raising the humidity is not necessary within the sauna. An infrared sauna requires a much shorter warm-up time; this in turn saves electricity.


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