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Your Unlimited Resources and Potential – Hidden Assets and Other Peoples’ ResourcesΒ  Β 

Wayne Dyer said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” This is true in business as well as in life. We don’t have money problems; we have thinking problems. Many people have a “Shrinking Pie” mentality – they think in terms of shortage and limitations. They’re afraid of the competition. The fact is that everything you could possibly require for your business is already, easily available to you.
You can unlock this vault through Joint Ventures. Whatever it is that you need, be it space, advertising, distribution, a sales team, labor, equipment reputation, a database or anything else, as long as someone else has it, you can get access to it! Most businesses have underutilized resources. Not every resource in every business is fully utilized. I visited my printer the other day to discuss the printing of my new book and I found that he also, at time, has excess capacity or inventory. Could people put more seats into their seminars? Add a few more seats in a restaurant? Do they have inventory that isn’t moving? Idle staff members? Of course they do.
Once we realize that these resources are all Nationwide asset search available to us, be they seats on aircraft, rooms in hotels or credit, Memberships, cars, printers or time, we have to understand how to access that resource with no cost or risk to us. Once we realize that the Law of Reciprocity works very well when understood, just like gravity, we can simply use that law. We can barter, trade, or simply set up simple Joint Ventures to leverage resources. How big do you think? What do you expect? How confident are you? This will determine how much you can get.
If you ask for a million, you might get it. If you ask for a hundred… You simply have to give the owner or controller of those resources a good reason to share them with you. If he gets what he wants, you can get what you want. Here are some real-life examples from
1. Peter Pocklington acquired 50% of the Edmonton Oilers from Nelson Skalbania in 1977 in exchange for a Rolls Royce, a 15-carat ring, and a Renoir painting.
2. Continental Airlines traded five terminal gates it had at Los Angeles International to United Airlines for several of their gates at the Newark (NJ) airport.
 3. Star Wars creator George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm is quietly negotiating a huge barter deal that will see one company having the toy manufacturing rights to a new series of his upcoming films. Offers reportedly approaching $1 billion are on the table with Lucas getting a sizable equity (ownership) stake in the toy company with which he eventually barters.

Posted Today, June 27

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